Waste Collection Is Everyone’s Responsibility

Waste collection may not be something that you spend a great deal of time considering but you actually should because your trash directly impacts other people. Hopefully, you take your regular garbage out each week and also set your recyclables out for pick up, but do you think about what will happen if a large part of the population doesn’t bother to do the same? Landfills are becoming a very real problem and one that should be in the forefront of many individual’s minds.

Your garbage cycle all begins with a recycling program designed to cut down on the waste that is put into a landfill. The program utilizes certain material byproducts from the merchandise and food that you purchase.

Take for example a bottle of water. If you buy one per day for a year, that adds up to a staggering three hundred and sixty four bottles. If they aren’t disposed of properly, then they may end up in a ditch somewhere. So you can see how solid waste management might have a difficult time keeping up with all those plastic bottles.

Your waste collection efforts begin at home where you sort out your garbage. Recyclables and regular trash must go into separate containers. The sanitation crew will pick up the waste materials that are destined to be recycled. Once back at the “shop,” the items will be sorted out again and then sent on to a plant that can turn those plastic bottles and waste paper into something new and improved.

That something else may be a new road paved with asphalt and glass from bottles. It may be a park bench or a new notebook made from recycled newspapers. Each item that is reused and remade into something new equals less trash cluttering up and overfilling landfills. That can quickly add up and help save the environment.

Hopefully, you will give your waste collection a little more thought. It is perfectly natural to sometimes want to ignore the messier things in life but we can no longer stick our heads into the sand playing ostrich with the Earth’s future.

Over flowing garbage heaps may not impact your life but they certainly will have an impact on future generations. By doing our part to help reduce the amount of trash that we generate and by recycling certain items, we can help to make sure that the future remains bright.