Study The Robert Kiyosaki Network Marketing Principles

If ever you are feeling down and out about your Network Marketing business then I would highly recommend an hour or two reading Robert Kiyosaki’s books! You will for sure be inspired and motivated.

Robert is well known for his great success as a business man and author of several self help and motivational books. If you are a network marketer then I expect you have heard of and maybe (hopefully) read ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’. For any that haven’t read it yet, please do asap!.

Having authored 15 books he has gone on to sell an amazing 26 million copies across the world. Prior to his days in business he served as a helicopter pilot in the Vietnam war..

The majority of his books are about building wealth and residual income for yourself by using direct marketing and also property and investment. As he has been very successful himself in all these areas he is well qualified to teach us. Almost anybody can see that its far better to build your own financial security rather than working for someone else. You will never get rich working someone else’s dream, you may get a good salary, but you will never be stinking rich! You are far smarter getting business to work for you.

Any network marketer will have come across people that say they are willing and prepared to do whatever it takes to attain ultimate freedom. But it’s amazing just how many of those people will never take any significant action, despite having the tools and knowledge at their disposal. There are also sadly those who do get the ball rolling but quickly lose steam and quit..

I don’t know about you but I struggle to think of any other business that the average individual can get involved with and make a secure income from a relatively small investment. Most traditional businesses you would need to invest thousands of dollars, but most Network Marketing deals you can get into for $100 – $600. Also consider just how many millionaires have been created in this industry.

Many people across the world are very interested in the Robert Kiyosaki Network Marketing principles but he has come under criticism for his material being mostly anecdotal, and not containing any actual ‘how to’ information. It is true that he doesn’t give step by step guides to actually setting up a business, but there is still much to be gained from him. Lets face it, unless you have the right mindset then you are not really in a position for success are you?

So once your mind is in the right place and your ready to get started, what will you need for your business? Two very important aspects of any MLM business are enough leads and enough cash flow. One of the biggest problems faced in this industry is actually a lack of leads, mostly due to lack of marketing skills taught by MLM companies. Secondly most newbie’s will quit within 90 days if they don’t make any cash. Obviously this isn’t going to help your team grow.

Its comforting to know that with the right marketing skills and system, both of these problems can be solved for you and your team. You may have noticed that many of the top earners in this industry have taken their business building activities online, for the simple reason that it works.

If you were receiving thirty or more leads each and every day into your business, would that be good for your home business?