Phillip Island Family Holidays

Phillip Island is situated about two hours away from Victoria. Phillip Island consists of an airport, including a road which connects San Remo located on mainland to Newhaven. Phillip Island is 10,000 hectares in size, but up to 1.5 million of people make a visit to this island every year. This vacation getaway is popularly known as Phillip Island family holidays. Visitors will see rocky coastlines surrounded by sand dunes, beaches and coves which make a wonderful holiday destination. Phillip Island also includes a habitat where small fairy penguins and fur seals are provided a safe place to survive. Phillip Island also plays host to a variety of other wildlife including the koalas and seabirds. These animals are preserved well and used as a medium of education to teach about ecology and preservation to people visiting the island.

If you feel highly about environmental issues and eco tourism then Phillip Island will make you feel comfortable and homely. Phillip Island family holidays have a wide range of explorations, walkabouts, natural beauties and ranger guides to take you around the island to view its splendid beauty. You will get to experience various fun activities such as bird watching, feeding the pelicans, enjoying the penguin parade, visiting the nature park and touring the Koala habitat.

Phillip Island family holidays offer a wide range of activities for families to enjoy while on vacation. Phillip Island comes with spectacular scenery. To enjoy this wonderment you can take a helicopter ride around the island. You can also opt for a bus tour or go on a cruise looking at the beautiful coast with its fantastic aquatic life which includes seals, famous penguins and sea birds. There are endless trails and tracks for horse riding and trekking. You will become intimate with the nature’s natural beauty. You may take your kids to view the shipwreck, mangrove swamp and beautiful beaches with its safe swimming. Phillip Island is a paradise for families to vacation at, especially during the warm summer months. For water sport enthusiasts, there are numerous water sport activities available.

Aside from the magnificent coast, aquatic life and nature, Phillip Island family holidays offer mini golf and golfing games. You can also enjoy bowls, tennis, cycling and bowling. While Phillip Island may promote itself as an eco-friendly natural habitat, there is a fantastic nightlife on the island. For those who love art, there are many art galleries and music festivals. Phillip Island plays host to the World Super bike Round and Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix. Other fun and interesting things for families to enjoy on Phillip Island is to visit Churchill Island to experience working on a farm and the chocolate factory. There’s something for everybody to do on Phillip Island, even history enthusiasts such as visiting the military museum, Vietnam which is one attraction that should not be missed. Phillip Island family holidays also offer a visit to the wineries, impressive development centers and fun adventures. So what are you waiting for, simply pack your bags and make your next holiday destination the Phillip Island!