Is Shaklee A Legitimate Business Opportunity?

Shaklee has been around for quite a long time, in fact they are one of the longest companies in the industry. They have a strong focus on customer care and caring for the planet on which we live.

I spent a fair bit of time on their corporate site and I have to say I got the distinct feeling that this was a company I could put my faith in. One of the unique selling points is their ambition to be as friendly as possible to the environment and to also take good care of their customers. All of their products are geared towards being ‘green’. Their main offices in Pleasanton, California are built from environmentally materials believe it or not! The building is also pretty impressive if you look at their pictures. Shaklee set a good standard for the whole industry to aim for.

A Doctor Forrest Shaklee founded the company all the way back in 1956. He made his mark in the early 1900’s by making a pill called Vitalized Minerals, it was one of the world’s first ‘multivitamin’ pills. He was a critical part in the formation of the health & wellness industry based around the network marketing business model.

Its just been a period of growth and prosperity since then. The company has a very large distributor base which currently stands at around 750 thousand people. There is some crazy number of around 1600 of them who have earned a million bucks or more from the company.

Shaklee has taken many steps to ensure that every process of their product manufacturing does not damage the planet. So much so that they were one of the 1st companies to be awarded the highly acclaimed Climate Neutral certification. It obvious to anyone they are working very hard to be a ‘green’ company.

But what about their customers?

Well there is a good range of products, the kind of products you would expect really. You have your usual nutritional supplementation products plus anti aging formulas and weight loss products. There is also a range of household cleaning products, in fact they have a complete home kit containing everything you could ever want for cleaning around the home. Shaklee like their products to be ‘always safe, always work and always green’.

Compared to other network marketing companies you won’t struggle too much to sign up as a distributor. From a cost point of view they are pretty reasonable with a basic level entry at $40 going all the way up to $750 for the more serious folks. If you like flashy cars and expensive, exotic holidays then you will feel at home at the higher leadership levels of the compensation plan. Shaklee will make sure you are not left without your reward.

The more I look at this company the more positive facts seem to surface, in my honest opinion I don’t think this company is out to rip people off. With plenty of respect for the environment and their customers and distributors, Shaklee seem to be setting good standards in the industry for all to follow.

A common issue in the network marketing business is that a large majority of the people involved haven’t received the training that they need to make it big. This leads to a massive failure rate and a whole horde of disgruntled ex distributors, people then start talking, stories are told and one thing leads to another. Some may just feel like they got ripped off and can end up with a story far from glamorous to tell, over time this can lead to some bad rep for the industry as a whole, even though the business model itself is legitimate and based on helping others to succeed.

The reality is that we don’t need to struggle in network marketing we can quite easily have the success that we deserve. There are in fact only two problems that you need to solve to be ultimately successful. They are a lack of leads and a lack of cash flow. But if you know how, solving both these problems is pretty easy.