How to…Make your Marketing Profitable

When you go to Pet Smart to buy pet food ($20) they barely if ever make profit on that bag of pet food they just sold you (most of the time they just break-even), so why do they do that?… oh, ’cause they know the value of a good front-end offer. This is basically a simple strategy to acquire new customers. That’s why Jiffy Lube does oil changes and Pet Smart sells pet food. After you pay for the products they will get your e-mail address, send you specials, offer, discounts and you will eventually take your pet for grooming, pet care, etc and finally they’ll make profit (back-end offer). Real Entrepreneurs and business structures know how to focus on taking care of their people, getting to know their needs and building trust before making them a true customer. Here is a quick and simple outline to follow:

Insight: Establish an online presence, get people to your storefront, build a relationship, give people a compelling reason to join, build a list (give people value for free to create attraction marketing), drive traffic to your website (landing page) and focus on retention… it’s cheaper to retain than to acquire new customers or business partners

Practice: Create great marketing campaigns, create automated emails (auto responders), explode email addresses gathering (Offer VALUE- discounts, specials, free training, etc), become a student of internet marketing and master one strategy at a time, focus on business growth (consistent advertising and promotion), be genuine (95% of new businesses in America fail within 5 years), keep in mind that the average customer needs to see your product/ad/ service at least 7 times before making a purchase decision and be intelligently patient. Monitor Marketing!

Finally, strive for results! Figure out your goal, make a business plan on how to achieve it, clearly define a dollar amount, put it on a board, put a date on it, know exactly how many leads, how many sales and how much time is going to take. Document every day/week and if possible create a goal achievement template to track your progress. On a last note, lead with inspiration, with your “why”, take the focus off the money and then put it on the inspiration and the money will flow. If you want authority, you must be able to inspire people. You are not a “pitchman” (most forms of sales & marketing- art of manipulation), you don’t get respected by telling, selling, explaining…you just don’t, that’s what salespeople do. You get respected by inspiring people. As leaders, we measure success in the form of inspiration, in the form of the intangible, the feeling of doing the right thing…money is a just a by-product…a result!

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