How to Get Your Ex Back – 3 Powerful Covert Tricks

So you want to get back together with your ex? Well, I’ll make a bold claim – I’ve got something of real value for you under my belt! Read and decide yourself, but I’m 99% sure you will be amazed by the simplicity yet effectiveness of these powerful tactics. But, enough rambling – let get to the juice itself!

First thing might seem obvious but it’s very potent once you’ve grasped it. Bei is not the easiest period in your life, thus the decisions that you make right now are far from being efficient, i.e. they DON’T WORK. So it’s necessary for you to free yourself from these painful bonds of overwhelming negative emotions – right now! But…You feel so tired of all the troubles and desperation after this bitter break up… How to get rid of it? You need to know it before you even start figuring out how to get your ex back, so…

Here’s a simple technique for you:

– Ask yourself: “What do I feel right now?”
– Ask yourself: “Do I remember a time when I felt better? Much better? Or even slightly better?”
– Try and remember as much detail as you can (from this “better period”)
– Write all the details down and try to feel like you felt at that particular time
– Rinse and repeat. When the new situations (associated with pleasure and joy) arise in your memory, try and recall them too – then write down

Repeat this until you feel that burden of depression has left your shoulders.

Okay, I bet you did it. But you still want to get a “tangible” result i.e. get your ex partner back, right? No problem, just calm down and listen. Next issue is – you don’t know what they really want, what’s the truth behind all these “I need space” and “let’s just be friends, okay?” measly excuses they’re giving you. You’re afraid that they already shut you out from their life… forever? Well, my friend, I can tell you that you certainly won’t get any further with this kind of mindset! So it’s time to throw this “inner wuss” away – now!

Just remember that…

– You’re still alive no-matter-what
– You can breathe and
– You have ability to think and act
– You are totally capable of changing the whole situation into your favor
– You still have friends who you can talk to and get the support from (so do it now!)
– All after all, probably your ex isn’t your only love in life, you have had other romantic relationships before and of course will have new relationships in future, even if you can’t make up now
– Look up and cheer up: the sky is beautiful 🙂
– And the last thing: remember that people aren’t attracted to unhappiness and loneliness, but almost everyone out there (including your ex I bet) likes optimists and positive humans, so get positive altitude right now!

After you’ve changed your mindset to positive thinking rather that negative internal hysterics, it’s time to settle down and think how to get your ex back as fast and – more important – as fast as possible. As day follows after night – success goes after the failure. Let’s think it through logically: your need to analyze your past actions and your recent conversations that you had with your ex during the relationship. You certainly won’t get far without it!

For now, remember: if you don’t correct your mistakes, don’t change your behavior and habits – nothing will stop you from losing your ex again, even if you figure some short-term tricks and temporarily recover your relationship.

So let’s repeat it just to clarify:

1. Figure out what went wrong.
2. Figure out what actions and words from your side led to this troublesome mess.
3. Correct these mistakes, change this destructive behavior and habits – this is the only way out.

And finally, by any means do not blame your partner for this argument, even if you’re 100% sure that he or she is the cause of it. This will only lead to painful and ugly confrontation that will possibly ruin your chances of getting your ex back forever. Even if it was their fault (in your opinion) – take the full responsibility. Think about open benevolent conversation with your ex. Don’t pressurize your ex to talk with you. Give them time to think and decide. Be quiet and patient.

These strategies, if applied, will be a significant help for you on your way. Good luck, my dear reader!