How to Break Up With a Girlfriend

Breaking up could be a hard task to initiate especially with a girlfriend. There are circumstances that can be so difficult to decide on like when could be the right time to say those hurting words to the girl. A guy might come up deciding to break up when he feels that there is no more love present between them.

Sometimes the reason why men have a hard time breaking up is that he may remember those times that they spent happy moments together. The foundation of their relationship, which is love, may no longer be present but he may still care for the girl for some reasonable good intentions.

Breaking up can cause too much pain on both parties, especially on the part of the girl. The emotional damage it brings allows a man to be more cautious in breaking up. These can be factors to postpone his plans and set a new day to say what he feels. There could be some ways to be nicer where she would understand and would let him go peacefully.

The guilt is always present when a man breaks up with his girl. The man may regret all those things that he had promised. The sad part may come if the man did not fulfill any of those promises. Sometimes a person can never tell when the time comes that he no longer experience the same excitement and thrill they used to have in the relationship. This may lead on to deciding to move on and probably find another girl that would give him the spark that he once had with his previous love.

It is not easy to escape when breaking up with someone who does not expect any sudden decisions. Some men may just ignore the girl, but that action is not enough for a formal break up because there are no disclosures that have happened. This option may not be advisable because this can hurt the girl even more and the emotional damage that it may cause on her part.

Here are some ways that may help a person on how he can break up and have a graceful exit:

1. Remember that being honest to her could make her calmer about the thoughts of breaking up. Tell the girl the true reason in coming up with this kind of decision. In this way, she may realize that there could be a reason for breaking up with her. Telling the truth is the best way to explain the reason of the break up. A man can build up his integrity and dignity with that girl for being honest and true.

2. Remember that a man should break up with his girl in person. Do not attempt to initiate the plan through phone and mail. Personally tell her the decision and be man enough to say the lines face to face. Some coward men tend to deliver their messages through their close friends. This act can degrade the credibility and integrity that a person has built on the girl she used to love.

3. Show some signs that would give him the idea that there is something wrong in the relationship. Lessen the time that is being allotted to her. This may initiate some confrontations and questions from the girl why the guy seems to be colder and dry.

4. If there are confrontations that may happen, be composed and let her bring out her emotions. These instances are just normal on the girl’s part because it is the guy who initiated the break up. There should be no guilt from a guy’s part to show the girl that there is sincerity with his break up. Sometimes it is uncomfortable to show no remorse at all in these kinds of situations.

5. A person may invite the girl to go out for dinner or lunch. If possible, bring the girl to the places where there are special moments that have been memorable. This may help the girl to get over the break up easily because she may remember those happy and enjoyable moments together.

After breaking up with the girl, make sure to the girl some time to let her heal the wounds. For sure, she might keep some anger to the man who broke her heart. Remember not to bring back any communication to the girl. It may seem hard but this could be the best way to do after the break up.