Getting Over the Break Up – 2 Secret Signs They Want You Back

Well hello again my dear friend. If you’re reading this, probably you are in the middle of a break up, trying to get over it somehow, but feeling a bit depressed and even hopeless. Well, the truth is, you don’t have to be so downcast right now because there is a good chance that not only your situation is not impossible but very simple and easy to resolve (no matter what you think, no matter how skeptical you are at this point).

In this article I’m going to give you a sneak pick into 2 secret signs that, if you notice them, virtually guarantee you fast reconciliation with your ex into the happy long-lasting relationship… If you act properly on it and your action is well-planned. So… These “covert clues” that they’re still interested are…

1. Their “emotional temperature” about you.

So basically what we need to do is “gauge” their emotions, level of feelings towards you – i.e. do they still care? One very important thing here is to stop listening to what they’re saying and start noticing what they’re doing, their actions, their behavior. Be like detective who pays very little attention to what suspects are saying, but watches carefully for evidence and facts.

Now what you think the opposite of love is? Hate?


The opposite of love is absolute and utter indifference, i.e. when “they could care less” about you.

So… If they’re angry with you, it’s actually a good sign for us… You know why? Because it simply means they STILL CARE about you, but maybe try to conceal these feelings for some reason… But they can’t hide from us really. When you start dating with another partner, for example, they may try to spy on you or suddenly begin to look and sound annoyed, irritated, jealous even (if so, it’s EXCELLENT sign!). That’s because they still care.

We can’t be angry for a long time with people we don’t care about.

If stranger occasionally pushes us in the line during the rush hour, we of course can be mad about him, but only for a couple of minutes. On the other hand, people (some of my closest friends even) can bear a grudge for us for MONTHS and even YEARS if they really care about us – especially if they’re close friends or family members.

In most cases, effective apology helps in such kind of situations. So remember what you did in the past that may have upset them, and apologize for it. But be careful, you need to do it the right way or you can lose them forever. I hope this helps.

So, let’s get further to the second “clue”. It’s…

2. Your ex is asking your friends about you.

This sign itself is so interesting… You see, what for would they ask if they didn’t care about you? They wouldn’t. At all. So if they do it, they’re definitely interested in you to some level. But why don’t they contact you directly?

Well, maybe they don’t want to bother you or are afraid of appearing needy or clingy or “too curious” in front of you, don’t want to irritate you, but… The most probable and plausible reason is:
They don’t want to cause you to think that they want to get back at you!

But why? Why would they want to seem “independent” whilst the truth is they probably aren’t?

Because they’re simply “on the fence”, as people say! They wobble from one side to another, not knowing what to decide… And that’s the absolute kicker for us to jump in, take action and bring them back!

So, in the essence, what you really need is to interest and excite them with your personality again, so sit down and think:

* What did they like in you the most? (strenghen it!)

* What behavior at your side made them happy, excited, curious? (again, develop it!)

* What they didn’t like in you? (hint: you need to change these actions/behavior)

Okay, after you’ve thought it through, it’s time to act. Make up the plan, snap out of sheer depression – and take action towards getting over the breakup.

I hope I was able to assist you well. Use these methods and get the desired result, i.e. get your ex back. Good luck!