Finding the Right Crew For a Super Yacht

No matter what size your mega yacht is, your vessel is only as good as your crew. Experienced crew are not very common and as Yachties spend most of their time confined onboard a super yacht- sometimes life becomes less than super!

Conflicting personalities or lazy crew behind the scenes on luxury yachts can spoil a summer yacht charter. Captains and owners seek team players willing to work-hard and do what needs done to ensure that the guests are enjoying their memorable time onboard. Our crew agents have 36 years of experience between them making this happen to ensure that the standard of service goes that extra mile.

With our three major crew agencies strategically placed in Palma, Fort Lauderdale and Antibes- Blue Water Yachting act as the exclusive Crew agency for a large part of the yachting world. As we are also one of the largest training providers in Europe most crew pass through our doors and sign up with our crew agents during their time in our MCA, training centre. We also have crew training centres, in Palma and Fort Lauderdale enabling you to get the most widely recognized and respected qualifications where ever you may currently be based.

Our head-office in Antibes, France is tactically placed as our wide client base (from junior deckhand to fleet owner) all keep this lively famous town close to their hearts as it hosts the largest yachting port in Europe. Over the past 18 years Blue Water has been building their offices around the world interacting with new markets and new clients while staying a loyal company to everyone that comes through our doors.
Yacht Crew Placement is not for the faint-hearted, you may have over 4000 people officially qualified for a position and due to special requirements, previous references and personal experience only 2 candidates may be referred to a Captain.

Our databases require that candidates actively looking for employment check in with us regularly on-line in order to be considered for a position. You would be surprised at how many people think that once having signed up they will be constantly be considered for jobs… crew members that do not check in become inactive after one month.
As the recession has begun to take impact around the world many Captains and Owners have had to revise the way they allocate the budget on their vessels and Blue Water Yachting have the answer to all of your crew recruitment needs. Our constantly updated Crew System is a database of nearly 30,000 crew members from all over the world, looking for seasonal jobs or full time positions. We really do have the perfect crew member no matter what your requirements are.

The Crew System is a highly competitive on-line system that costs a flat rate fee that you can access at any time, from anywhere around the world… Our Crew Agents can be involved as much or as little as you need to make sure that the system works for your yacht whether you need a stewardess for 3 days, an extra engineer for 4 months or 6 new full time members of crew.

The system price relates to the size of your vessel and your maximum crew size no matter what kind of crew turnaround you have. Should you wish for 2 members of crew in the next year you will make the system pay for itself and avoid wasting time. Captains on the system currently find that employing day workers that they find on the system is much more reassuring and by working closely with the crew agency the team in Blue Water Yachting get to know the yacht to a level where they know exactly what the vessel requires… The Crew system is much more efficient, cost effective and possibly the answer to your crew recruitment!