Finding The Best MLM Business Opportunity

The best MLM business opportunity really depends on you and what your passion is but there are a couple of things you really need to consider before jumping into an MLM business so you can avoid the pitfalls that leave so many MLM business owners broke and struggling.

1. Does my product separate me from the crowd or drown me in it?

A major issue within MLM is an overcrowded market. For example, one of the most mainstream mlm opportunities is nutritional products.

Working within health and wellness is great but you have to be careful because there is A LOT of misinformation out there and a billion companies you have to compete against.

Everyone’s products are the best and come chalked full of celebrity endorsements, personal testimonials, and scientific studies.

A. Celebrities (this includes professional athletes) are paid for their endorsements. If they are not directly compensated, then they are an independent representative with the company and drive a serious income for it.

B. I’m sure you have heard of the placebo effect, where 50% of a group is given a fake product usually made out of sugar, and about the same percentage of the fake group as the real group, will claim the product worked.

C. Every company has a billion independent scientific studies to back themselves up but these studies are never revealed in full even when they are claimed to be.

For instance a few years ago a study done at a University revealed a particular jungle berry to kill cancer cells. This study was used to launch several MLM companies that made outlandish claims.

What they conveniently left out is exactly how the berry was applied and that several other things proved to work MUCH better. In fact, the most potent cancer killer was actually nothing more than vitamin C.

The lead scientist in the study would later come forward and say he regretted releasing his findings about the berry in the study because the claims so many businesses were making were completely inaccurate as they were taking his study totally out of context.

So if health and wellness is your passion make sure you do some serious investigation, don’t for the hype, and stay away from companies whose main product revolves around the latest and greatest jungle juice because more often than not, they are here today and gone tomorrow.

2. Can my mentor help me produce results through a duplicable system that doesn’t revolve around a friends and family list, cold calling, and pitching strangers?

Traditional MLM marketing tactics fail to work for over 97% of those who try them because friends and family lists dry up very quickly, nobody likes cold calling random people off of a fake list that you had to buy, and getting kicked out of the mall for chasing down strangers and trying to pitch them your business is flat out embarrassing.

Make sure that your mentor has a proven strategy in place for you that go above and beyond the 3 traditional marketing tactics.

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