Emv an All Natural Energy Source

History has laid out a path of steps for us to follow this, usually only comes around once or twice in a generation. For example the signing of the declaration of independence, the Michael Jackson moon walk on national television, stadium seating in movie theaters and now an energy drink without the crash. The one thing that all of these events have in common is that, they paved the way for people to emulate and try do it better. Mona Vie’s has a new energy drink called Emv and this beverage is absolutely phenomenal.

EMV has taken the initiative to stand out from other energy beverages. It’s made up of 80% juice and doesn’t have any artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners or preservatives. Yes there are lots of different energy drinks on the market today, however many of them contain additives that have no nutritional value. Some of these energy drinks have an after taste which may be the result of the additives, thus compromising taste. Also what normally occurs is the disappointment from the crash which you experience shorty after using these high caffeine, high sugar energy drinks. There is nothing worse than an unexpected let down from your energy drink. Many people have reported feeling sluggish and even worse than before they took the anything at all.

Along comes Mona Vie with a 100% natural energy blend. This proprietary blend consist of antioxidant rich fruits, which include natures superfruit the Acai Berry. Along with other natural sources of energy. This new drink beverage (Emv) is lightly carbonated and because it’s 80% juice it taste great and you do not get that bitter after taste that some of the other beverages leave you with. Trust me there is nothing fake about this beverage at all! It is simply dynamite!

This healthy formula has several benefits that many of the other drinks do not. Here are just a few of the benfefits of (Emv).

* Increased Energy
** Enhances Perfomance
*** Promotes Alertness
**** Supports Endurance

All the while giving you the pick me up and lasting energy you need to get the job done. Finally a beverage that can escalate your energy level anytime you wish with worrying about a subsequent crash or unwanted side effects. Many people choose to have a cup of coffee in the morning or tea. But overtime these drinks can effect your health. Why wouldn’t you use a healthy alternative to boost you up in the morning. This beverage is great before and/or after workouts, brisk walks and oh for all you party animals it taste great in a mixed cocktail as well.

The Mona Vie (Emv) is just the ticket if you are seeking a pure and natural alternative. One thing is very certain,whenever there is a race someone has to be out in front. More and more people today are concerned about what they put in their bodies and they very well should be. Once in a lifetime something this good comes along and revolutionizes how everthing should be. This little black can will in my opinion be force to be reckoned with for quite sometime. I am sure the competiton will try to duplicate Mona Vie’s formula however, you can’t put a Mercedes emblem on a Toyota and expect the same quality. Our review of this product rates it 5 out of 5 stars.