Contemplating Joining Ceregenex?

So who the heck are Ceregenex?

Directly partnered with Optigenix and Neostem, they are a company offering health and wellness products that are aimed at protecting our DNA and cells plus skin care

They are pretty new to the scene and are still in their pre launch stages, so it could well be a good chance for you to get the first mover advantage and sign up early. Please understand that this won’t necessarily guarantee you success though.

We have 2 different products here, the first on is called Aio and its a supplement that you drink, it is packed full of vitamins and ingredients that are designed to protect your DNA cells whilst giving an overall balance of nutrients. The product is said to slow the aging process whilst lowering cholesterol and free radicals within the body, but then again which supplement doesn’t promise that these days?

Activar is their other product, it’s a cream for your skin, its designed to reduce aging effects and generally improve your skin tone, it contains AC-11, a natural extract from a plant that directly enhances the DNA cells in the human body.

The Ceregenex compensation plan is a binary, you work on creating just 2 teams but to unlimited depth. Sometimes, many times in fact they are misunderstood by newbie’s so make sure you do your homework on researching it. Often you will find MLM leaders using scarcity tactics to recruit into such a comp plan, spillovers are promised, but beware. Whilst this is true, don’t expect money to start pouring in, you have to build your teams up sufficiently in order to benefit from spillover!

Ceregenex is headed up by Matt Henninger who has more than twenty years experience in the business finance world and Richard Anzalone who’s been in sales for 18 years. No doubt both of these guys know exactly what they are doing and are well qualified to lead the company forward.

Most Network Marketing companies will charge you a ‘fee’ to join, usually anything from $100 – $500, but with Ceregenex you just need to buy some product, there’s no fee. A good selling point.

There does not seem to be anything bad about this company, they seem pretty sound, we shall have to wait and see how they do in this very competitive niche. As far as I can see they are not offering much in the way of training.

Whatever company you are involved with, if you’re going to be profitable you must learn to stand out from everyone else out there, it really is the only way. I hate to break it to you but if you are thinking of signing up and advertising your company provided website all over the internet, then chances are you may not make much money.

Those who will become top earners in Ceregenex will already be established in this industry and already have a large following, perhaps from a downline built in another company. Or they will be smart people who recognise the potential that the internet offers us to build a business using systems, I’m talking over 30 leads a day coming in and daily affiliate commissions and sign ups