Climate Change And Your Retirement – Will Your Future Be What You Expect It To Be?

Most people will begin tolook at their future and decide where they wish to live, what to do with their time and how best to afford it. They may even consult financial planners and know what they will do with their time once retired. They usually do not look at their future from the perspective of climate change and global warming and the outcome of an ever-increasing burden on the ecology.

One of the most important issues for all of humanity is to have sustainable living conditions and a sustainable environment. This issue is however still ignored by most people. While is likely there will no longer be an environmentally sustainable future left within the next 25 years, not many people are taking notice of this fact. This will mean that the future we would all like, one with favorable ecological conditions is no longer a certainty.

Most people would like to have a future whereby all their needs are met including enough fresh, clean air, clean water and to be able to live in a sustainable environment. They do not expect a future with such severely diminished forests, that these forests can no longer support the environment, or a potential future with lack of fresh, clean air. However, with the current trend of ever-increasing pollution and continual further devastation of forests there will soon no longer be a future that can sustain all of humanity.

While the country in which you live can influence the quality of your lifestyle, it cannot control the way the planet’s ecological structures respond to the ever-increasing pollution and ecological damage that is becoming an increasing burden. Changing weather patterns are already happening more and more and are a result of climate change.

A looming issue of importance to us al is that our forests can soon no longer adequately supply oxygen, which is a major contributor to humanity’s well-being. In addition, the oxygen we breathe might also become more and more poisoned because of man-made chemical processes as well as fall-out from volcanic eruptions. Within the next five to seven years this diminishing of fresh clean air will become a real environmental issue.

The weather patterns are changing due to global warming and ecologically unsustainable environments. This, in turn, is creating the untenable situation whereby, most likely within the next fifteen years, many river systems will no longer be able to support humanity. Also, because of the amount of pollution that flows into rivers there may no longer be enough fresh water supplies. This may begin to affect more people than currently expected within the next ten years.

While most of us do not look at our future from an ecological perspective, it is important to begin to think of what the result will be of the current continuing ecological devastation and how this may affect your future. The current climate change issues as well as the ever-increasing pollution are creating an ecological disaster situation that can no longer be fixed and nature is not capable of restoring itself Humanity will need to make adequate changes to their lifestyle, as there are no longer other options. It is running out of time.