Cleaning and Installing Car Seats Cover

One can surely feel great when he is sitting inside a clean car thats clutter-free, dust-free and with a new car seat covers. Due to constant use the car seat cover will eventually wear and tear but you can always clean and after which install it to make it look new again. Read the guide on how to clean and install your car seat cover.

1. Have a bucket of water ready with detergent on it, a whiskbroom and a scrubbing cloth and a portable vacuum cleaner before you start.
2. Take out all the clatter, mats, and other items that are sitting in your car seat before cleaning them.
3. Remove the car seat cover. But first remove the headrest by pulling it up completely from the seat. Pull up the car seat cover starting from the base of the seat, itll be difficult to pull it off but do it slowly from all sides and it will come off. Do the same to the other car seats.
4. Then push back the front seats and then tilt the rear seats onwards so you can also clean whats underneath it.
5. Using your whiskbroom brush the crumbs and other dirt from the car seats, its headrest and the surrounding areas. Use a vacuum cleaner for the stubborn dirt that is stuck inside the unreachable areas in the seat and you can also vacuum the car floor and the mats.
6. Using your soapy water and the cloth, scrub and wipe the interior of every seat. Focus on the underside of the seat and those dingy areas where the grime and oil reside. Do the same with the other car seats.
7. Using a clean separate soapy water, dip your car seat cover and scrub it enough to remove the dirt but not too hard to ruin it. Properly rinse it and let it dry. As with the rest of the car seat, rinse the cloth with clean tap water and wipe the soapy deposits with clean dry cloth after your last rinse.
8. Lets say that your car seat cover and the whole area inside your car is clean and dry, the next thing you should do now is to install back the car seat cover. Position the seat and slide down the clean car seat cover starting from the tip of the seat. Pull it all the way down and make sure it completely snug by stretching it. Fasten it with hooks to hold it to complete the installment.

Select seat covers with material that is water-repellent, machine-washable, tough and durable. There is a wide variety of materials available. Sheepskin withstands heat and cold, is warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and absorbs perspiration. Know your car’s make, year and style of seat. Cars come with such seat styles as: front bucket high back with adjustable headrest; front bucket low back with integrated headrest; front bucket captain’s chair; plain bench, solid front or rear; or split bench seat.