Choosing a Dog Bed Type

Dogs appreciate comfort as much as humans do and sleeping on a carpet or your couch is not providing your four legged friend an optimal place to sleep and rest. Overall well-being of your dog is greatly affected by the quality of sleep and rest. If your dog currently does not have sleeping bed then you should buy one. You should also buy a new dog bed if the one your pet is currently using is not giving him enough rest or is in some way uncomfortable.

There are many different types of dog beds that differ in sizes, shapes, designs and materials. Thus choosing a perfect bed for your dog might be a great challenge. In order to choose a dog bed which suits your pet best there are several factors you need to take into account before making the final decision. The most important thing to keep in mind is that your dog does not care about style, color and design of the bed. As long as it provides quality necessary for comfortable sleep both you and your dog should be happy. One of also important decisions is which type to choose and we will talk about different dog beds designs below.

Plush dog beds that are also known as cushion beds and pillow beds because of their resemblance to cushions and pillows are considered standard and are currently the most popular type of dog beds. They come in various sizes, shapes and styles, covered by different materials and are filled with some sort of stuffing. Plush dog beds are suitable for all dog breeds and due to enormous choice of styles, colors and shapes you will have no difficulties finding the one that suits your style as well.

Most plush dog beds eventually flatten like a pillow on your bed and no longer provide the necessary softness and comfort to your dog. Plush dog beds are commonly not recommendable for senior dogs and dogs with orthopedic problems because they do not provide the necessary support. If you have a dog with orthopedic problems you should perhaps consider buying an orthopedic dog bed made of special foam which will provide your dog the proper support.

Very similar to plush dog beds are the so-called nest dog beds with raised edges which are suitable for dogs that like to curl up. Like the standard dog beds, nest dog beds come in various styles, colors and shapes and are appropriate for all dog breeds. If you want to provide your dog a comfortable and cozy bed which matches your own furniture at the same time you should perhaps consider a raised dog bed but please keep in mind that it might not be appropriate for dogs with orthopedic problems.

In addition to the mentioned types of dog beds, you can also choose between heating/cooling dog beds providing your dog an extra warmth or a place to cool down during the hot summer, kennel dog beds designed to fit kennels and crates, and travel dog beds which are very practical if traveling with your dog frequently.