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Administration of the Buddhist Order of Thailand

For centuries, ever since Buddhism was introduced into the country, the Sangha or the Buddhist monastic order has been one of the nation’s greatest institutions. Under royal patronage of all the kings and with the support of the Government and the people, it has even possessed the

Occupation of Japan

Finally I was at the headquarters of the occupation located in Zama, Japan, for assignment. I was interrogated by officers of the 8th Army and the 1st Cavalry division. I told them: trained as an interpreter, I wanted to be an interpreter. Neither they nor anyone else

How to Reduce Light Pollution

More and more research about the negative effect light pollution has on humans and wildlife is coming to light (pun intended). As the population of the planet increases, so does the amount of homes, businesses, parking lots, schools, airports and roadways. All these structures use electricity and

Alternative Energy Consultants

Consultants on alternative energies have predicted that shifting from an economy reigned by petroleum fuels to an economy based on alternative fuels will not be that easy. Even so, the amounts of novel technologies that are constantly changing have had a definite impact so far on how

Nuclear Power – The Solution to Alternative Energy?

Researchers see atom power as a future solution to the problem of developing high efficiently and relatively low cost alternative energy to suit the growing energetic demands of the population on earth. With the scarce resources that we have, the atom power is infinite and it is

Man-Made Climate Change – Fact Or Fiction?

In the past dozen years or so a major controversy has developed through out the world about changes that are supposedly taking place with the earth’s climate. There is a large body of opinion that believes the earth’s temperature is getting warmer due to the increase in

The Battle of Vienna – 1683

Summer in Vienna is hot and humid. As July, 1683 began, Hapsburg Archduke Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor, had retreated to his estate at Perchtoldsdorf to escape the oppressive heat of the city. There, Leopold received disturbing news: the war with the Ottoman Empire had taken an

The Logistical Problems of a New World Order

Lately, the news has come in flooding waves for me. The election, bailouts, and endlessly horrible employment news have washed over me, and left a sort of numb feeling in place of my usual optimism. Capitalism seems to have died a death at the hands of worldwide