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Phillip Island Family Holidays

Phillip Island is situated about two hours away from Victoria. Phillip Island consists of an airport, including a road which connects San Remo located on mainland to Newhaven. Phillip Island is 10,000 hectares in size, but up to 1.5 million of people make a visit to this

Different Types of Green Jobs

There are hundreds of types of green jobs that are available. People get far too caught up on just one or two types such as alternative energy, and forget or overlook all the other green careers that are available to them. Keep your mind open and be

Five islands of Lake Garda

Lake Garda Italy is located in Northern part of Italy and is the largest lake in Italy. It is made of ice mass during the completion of final ice age in the mountainous area. It is simply remarkable from each direction the lake is enclosed by urban

Energy Deregulation: Completely Transforming the Energy Market

As the concept of energy deregulation continues to be implemented in various countries around the world and even in the United States where several states have already established implementation, the impact is set to completely transform the Energy Market today and eventually in the near future. However,

Waste Collection Is Everyone’s Responsibility

Waste collection may not be something that you spend a great deal of time considering but you actually should because your trash directly impacts other people. Hopefully, you take your regular garbage out each week and also set your recyclables out for pick up, but do you

Your Recycling Questions Answered

In the world today there is a big problem. Pollution and the overcrowding dilemma of landfills are quickly making its way into every household. Recycling has become a very valuable way to help combat the landfill issue. It is remarkably simple to do and should be done

Waste Management Is Everyone’s Responsibility

You play a huge factor in waste management. It is probably a bigger role than you realize it to be. Environmental services would not be such an instrumental part of your life if you did not have waste to throw away. That is why you need to

Car Industry Going Green?

Over the years the car hire industry has had many critics for having a dreadful impact on the environment. Environmental sympathisers have put forward the argument that car hire is simply a means for people to carry on selfishly travelling alone when their time and money could

Methane As the Future Fuel of The 21st Century

Bio-gas or methane is made up of CH4 and CO2 in a mixture of about 70% to 29% with other trace gases. Methane is currently being used in India and Thailand in cars and trucks in lieu of gasoline or diesel fuel. Methane is the gas of