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The Magic of Malicious Compliance: Why People Engage in Self Sabotage

If there is such a thing as dark personal magic, then “malicious compliance” is surely one of its best and worst manifestations. Intended as an equalizer and liberator, malicious compliance traps the malicious complier in a conflicted cycle of self-damaging, self-diminishing vengeance-that-is-supposed-to-heal. In the regular world, the

Stick to Your Guns

Resolving to Keep My Resolutions The NLP SMART goal setting technique can provide a great starting place for your new year’s resolutions. Once you have run it through this system, you should have all the information you need to get you exactly what you want! As a

Finding the Right Crew For a Super Yacht

No matter what size your mega yacht is, your vessel is only as good as your crew. Experienced crew are not very common and as Yachties spend most of their time confined onboard a super yacht- sometimes life becomes less than super! Conflicting personalities or lazy crew

How To Care For Vintage Fabric – 36 Tips

Vintage fabric care is important. As fabric collectors know, the better the condition, the more valuable a vintage fabric. How fabric is stored, cared for, cleaned, and ironed will determine the value and usability over time. Yet many collectors end up sad and disappointed after lovingly unfolding

Towards A “Distributed” Global Banking Grid

In a rather remarkable collective mea culpa, the G-20 leaders, following their emergency summit in November, issued a joint diagnosis of “the roots of the current crisis” in world financial markets: Market participants sought higher yields without an adequate appreciation of the risks and failed to exercise

Hauntings: How do You Know if a Location is Haunted?

Hollywood has done a great job of making us think that hauntings are always obvious and that they are extremely scary and dangerous. The truth is that hauntings are not always obvious and not usually scary or dangerous. In fact, it can often be confusing to tell

Make the Holidays More Affordable: Give Personalized Gifts

The holiday season is looming, the economy is still tanking, and your list of family and friends who need gifts just keeps growing. What’s the secret to finding unique gifts for everyone on your list without spending a bundle? Easy, give personalized gifts! It is possible to