Buy Bakery Cinnamon and Use it at Home

We’ve all tasted heavenly pastries and pies procured professionally and wondered how they’re done. Now you can get your hands on bakery cinnamon and investigate the ins and outs in your own kitchen.

We’re talking a spice that can make or break most apple-based dishes, but that’s also popular in a variety of other place.

Bakery cinnamon can be deftly sprinkled on cappuccinos, in chili, and even in with the coffee sitting in the filter. Nothing tastes better than a cupful of sinfully delightful cinnamon. It’s good for you too.

Bakery cinnamon is a variety associated with the dessert factor, but nevertheless, this spice can be found in so many different recipes. Sweet ones are only the beginning.

When winter hits, it’s time to heat up some apple cider and throw those cinnamon sticks in for good measure. Put another log on the fire and we could be here all night. Note that the sticks are best when licked, and then discarded.

For those who prefer hot chocolate, add a dash or two to spice it up. You’ll be glad you did. It’s more nutritional than marshmallows, and way more exotic.

There are times when you might want to use some cinnamon to flavor a dish, and then take the sticks out before serving it.

Just count how many you put in, like bay leaves, usually used in threes, and then recover them before serving. We’re talking chicken or chili.

Cinnamon is also a nice spice to use with a variety of fruit, not just apples. It’s an important element in jams and jellies, and can be useful in sauces, salad dressings, and chocolate making too. There’s not much you can’t do with this old spice, especially at Christmas time when it becomes the best scent around.

There are some who thrive on cinnamon due to its potential health benefits. It is said to promote healthy blood sugars. Cinnamon has also been touted as one of the five best spices for health.

With that kind of praise, I say bring it on! Add it to plenty, and keep it coming.

I mentioned cinnamon in coffee earlier on, and I wanted to explain. You can either add a bit, not more than half a teaspoon, to your coffee in the filter, or simply drop the same amount in the empty pot. Either way, the result will draw you to your morning coffee even faster. No guarantees that you won’t want extra.

So, if you plan to use your new best friend in plenty of ways, you’ll want to check online or reread those old recipe books in the corner, and see what they’ve been saying about this spice that’s all the rage. You might find that it’s been hiding on many pages quietly, and we have not noticed.

You’ll want to make sure that your spice drawer is well stocked with bakery cinnamon, because it can run out fast when you’re not paying attention. There are so many good reasons to use it quite often.

Cinnamon is a must in your kitchen. You’ll be adding a dash to your coffee, hot chocolate, apple and peach pies, and chili in no time.