Best Network Marketing Companies, Mlm Leads

You’ve most likely landed on this page because you did a search for the Best Network Marketing Companies, MLM Leads. That probably means you are looking to either join a network marketing company, or validate the company that you already chose to work with.

The answer to that question can really vary greatly from person to person because what company is right for one Mr. X isn’t necessarily right for Ms. Y and vice versa.

So I am going to take a different approach to help you answer this question by addressing the root of the concern instead of simply looking at numbers like how much profit a company makes or the amount of products sold every year.

When it all boils down, how much business a company does, does not help you in the slightest. Sure one companies compensation plan could be a little better than another, or their products might be a little better but the bottom line is there are only 3 things that will actually affect how much money you make with any Network Marketing Company.

1. Belief in the service or product – You should be so impressed by your company’s product that you would use it even if you were not getting paid to sell it.

2. How devoted you truly are to your own success. The great thing about Network Marketing is that you can build your fortunes part-time but you’ll need to actually work the 10 – 15 hours you set aside each week.

3. A mentor to guide you – Nobody does it alone. You need a mentor who understands what type of marketing you want to do and can help you accomplish your dreams and goals within that. Traditional MLM tactics are about putting together a friends and family list to annoy about your opportunity, hanging out in stores to pitch strangers, and buying cold call lists to dial all weekend.

I’m not knocking those strategies because if they are something you enjoy doing, they can work very well and you’ll have no problem finding a mentor who specializes in them.

If you are like me though, those tactics ARE NOT for you! There is a reason the friends and family list is referred to as the NFL club (No Friends Left). And I am not about to go get kicked out of a store for harassing their customers.

I was fortunate enough to find a better way that is easily duplicable by anyone and doesn’t involve approaching strangers, making friends and family lists, or even selling!

Yes, you read that correctly, I said it doesn’t even involve selling!

There are so many people online every day searching for an opportunity of some kind to make money from home (in fact there are over 4 million people per day searching for this), that I am proud to say I am not in the “showing business” not the selling business.

When you know how to position yourself to get in front of even a fraction of the people who are searching for EXACTLY what you have to offer, there is no selling to be done. I simply leverage the power of the internet to show those people what I’ve got.

So it is probably becoming clear to you now that the MLM / Network Marketing Company you chose is drastically less important than choosing the right mentor who knows how to teach you step by step how to leverage the power of the Internet for yourself.

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