An Overview Of The Pallet Jack

When it comes to moving warehouse inventory these indispensable jacks are designed to handle a wide variety of load manipulation and product stacking. These inventory tools are used in connection with the trucking industry and provide the means of loading and off loading 18-wheelers. Here are some different types of the pallet jack, for your consideration.

Manual Pallet Jack – A manual pallet truck is the style most often thought of, and is typically used for immediate unloading of cargo at the loading dock doors. Being hand-powered, it can be quickly moved into position in the cargo area of large trucks for simplifying the task of offloading the products.

Powered Pallet Jack – This unit is like its manual counterpart, except this one is usually powered by 24 V DC. Due to its electric power it allows one person to relocate heavier loads, while providing the worker with greater personal safety. These jacks are equipped with recharger units, varying load capacities and an assortment of gauges to monitor various aspects of product management.

Scissor Lift – These portable pallet jacks use a scissor action to minimize the awkward positions workers might have to get into in order to get the material stacked on upper decks. A typical unit is powered by 12V DC, internal charger and can be bought with different load capacities.

Straddle Stackers – These are designed so that the base straddles the load to be lifted, then safely raises or lowers the load from or to a second layer shelf. They operate on 24V DC from two 12V batteries in series. With a load capacity of nearly two tons, they provide easier navigation in narrow areas and loading from street level.

Counter Balanced Stackers – These units are designed with the bulk of their weight toward the operator, and are perfect for situations such as dock work when straddle design units are not suited. With 24V DC power they have a load capacity of about one ton.

Power Driven Counter Balanced Stackers – The powered version of the Counter Balanced Stacker that can do the same job for less money as the rider. Up to a four ton capacity, these can handle a greater variety of sizes and loading conditions, They are 24V DC and have enough power to get the job done.

Walk Behind Reach Truck – These units combine the benefits of the straddle truck with the safety of the counterbalanced truck, and are an excellent choice for use with sideloading trailers. By making use of the accordion action they can reach forward to pick up heavy loads, and then withdraw them safely away from the trailer. They are available with either 12V or 24V power, and load capacities of about one and a half ton.

The pallet jack is the material handler of the shipping industry, and provides great improvement in worker safety. The ability to move more items in a single effort make them very cost effective. Whatever the need, there is a unit designed to handle the situation with the ease and power of machines.